friends becoming mommies

we used to think it was so funny when people would come up to us at church and ask if we were twins. this beautiful mommy-to-be and i met when we were toddlers. we looked like we could be sisters {and probably still do} which led to the beginning of a long and treasured friendship. now this stunning women is going to be a mommy. she is one of the most caring and compassionate people i know. and she chose to marry a man that complements her so well. these two are going to make the most wonderful parents. little one, you are truly blessed to call them mommy and daddy. as i am blessed to call them friends. DSC_3237DSC_3299DSC_3314DSC_3320DSC_3329DSC_3347DSC_3364DSC_3240DSC_3379DSC_3393DSC_3395DSC_3490DSC_3533DSC_3627

the time i started a website

there are many things i am pretty good at {or like to think i am}. but dealing with technology is far from one of them. i have been a photographer since 2014 and have been avoiding this process since the beginning. dreading having to learn {read: understand} how to keep it up and running. two weeks ago, i decided enough was enough. it was time to face my fears. and today is that day, i started a website. i did not do this alone, a very patient friend sat with me in a coffee house; answering my obnoxious and obvious questions. but here it is and i am so excited you all are here. ❤