almost two years ago we moved into our new {extremely old} farm house. one of the main reasons i fell so in love with the house was it’s beautiful yard. i immediately envisioned photographing anyone and everyone all over our land. and i have. it is one of my favorite places to shoot. nature is so incredibly beautiful.

this young man suggested the location for his senior portraits be downtown. i have shot in more urban areas before, however, this shoot was something spectacular. at one point we ended up in the basement of an old bank building in the old vault. {right?!!}

one thing i love about this job, is the creativity and uniqueness it brings. i had a wonderful time downtown, what an awesome day and location. have an awesome senior year and even better time at flight school.



the sweetest little family, with the sweetest little girl. it was so fun to witness the love this family shares. happy first birthday, darling aubrey.


fall minis

here is the scoop. due to the new baby and other crazy events in our lives this past year… i am only offering fall minis this year. however the location/decor will not be specific to fall. also due to a number of cancellations last year… i am asking for a $10 non-refundable deposit to lock in your spot. {due within 7 days of choosing a time slot} 

date:: October 7th, 2017
time:: 9:00am – 3:00pm {half hour time slots}

price:: $50 {price includes $10 deposit… $40 is due the day of minis}

:: thirty minutes sessions and 15 edited images are included in the price ::

feel free to ::call/text:: email:: or contact me on Facebook to select a time slot. {my info is on the contact tab}

Love to all. 

rain, rain go away.

this was our fourth {yup… four times} reschedule due to rain and crummy weather. but the clouds and sun were so kind to us for this shoot. this young man was sent to me from a referral {which i simply love} but even better the referral was my husband {put him to work}. thank you for all the laughs, and hopefully we will see you at the Christmas party. DSC_1621DSC_1678DSC_1707DSC_1761DSC_2406DSC_2361DSC_2493

the good ole’ days.

there is a very special place in my heart for those that were there at the beginning. when i started shooting, there were a few families that were very patient and so sweet. i absolutely love when those families call me year after year to continue to capture their lives.

this soon to be senior and his family where one of my first ever sessions. we had so much fun and they were the best guinea pigs. we did lots of trial and error back then and they were along for the ride. thank you guys for all your support!

also, bowling balls for senior portrait sessions, new favorite. have a great senior year, dude. DSC_1608DSC_1638DSC_1694DSC_1714DSC_1804DSC_1876DSC_1966DSC_1986

sweet child.

children are the reason i began dabbling in photography. therefore children will always be my absolute favorite subject matter. and then when you get to photograph children this adorable. come on. i have the best job in the whole world.

five year olds are my favorite. they have so much to tell you. the stories, jokes and laughter given by this little man truly warmed my heart. and then watching his gentleness when talking to and calming his baby sister. and don’t get me started on this sweet girl. the facial expressions i caught during this shoot were perfect. all. of. them.

::do me a favor… make sure you always take time and make an effort to get family photos done. i don’t care who takes them {take them yourself if you can}. photographs are something truly cherished from generation to generation.


so nice to meet you.

senior pictures are a big deal. and this is typically how it goes: mom calls a photographer and sets up a time. you spend time choosing outfits, planning your hair, and preparing for the day. you show up the day of, and meet a complete stranger. for the next hour, all eyes and a giant lens {or small lens in my case} are pointed at you. what a potentially terrifying experience… i remember not enjoying my senior picture session, the pictures were ok, but it seemed forced and uncomfortable, in the basement of the photographer’s home. {thankfully photography has changed since then}

i arrived at this shoot, and met a young lady with beautiful long blonde hair and the sweetest smile. she warmed up so fast and was so natural in front of the camera. we had a wonderful afternoon full of laughs and fun. i truly hope you can see her adorable personality in these shots.

thank you for trusting me {even when i asked you to stand in slimy water}. enjoy your senior year, love. DSC_0054DSC_9736DSC_9799DSC_9829DSC_9832DSC_9905DSC_9700DSC_0098DSC_9874DSC_9931DSC_0202