Nikki and Jeff

maternity shoots are the best. there is something about a new mommy and daddy documenting such an amazing part of their lives.

this {soon-to-be} mommy and daddy, are just the sweetest. and their little lady is so very lucky, and i can not wait to meet her. ❤DSC_9105DSC_9128DSC_9170DSC_9323DSC_9372DSC_9503DSC_9531

Max and Lauren

have you ever met two people that are so in love it makes you giddy. these two were such a joy to photograph and i really hope you can see and feel that love through these images.



{fall}ing behind

see what i did there.

this fall has be extremely busy, and i have loved every minute of it. i have never had so many shoots and be booked so far out. thank you all for choosing me to take pretty pictures of your sweet faces.

with that being said, since i have been shooting every weekend… like 5 shoots every weekend. and editing my pants off during the week, my website is falling behind.

so to begin my photo/blog dump this weekend, here are two of my favorite faces.





what a beautiful night, and such a fun shoot. her smile sure is contagious. and then you add in a puppy, what a perfect combination.

have a great rest of your senior year, sweet girl. DSC_9118DSC_9153DSC_9273DSC_9280DSC_9354DSC_9366DSC_9450DSC_9512

one year.

i took her newborn photos one year ago. she was so tiny, look at her now, still tiny. this little lady has the sweetest personality; curious and smart. she was so fun to follow around and photograph.

happy one year baby girl. DSC_8625DSC_8641DSC_8763DSC_8769DSC_8794DSC_8831


at some point during our session, i am pretty sure this young lady told me she wasn’t photogenic. to which i respond, would ya just look at this sneak peek. holy smokes.

thank you for being such a delight to shoot. and seriously come model for me anytime, girl.

#stunning DSC_5554DSC_5574DSC_8276DSC_8376DSC_8402DSC_8422DSC_8470DSC_8503DSC_8518DSC_8362


we could not have asked for a more perfect night. the lighting, the weather, the trees and these two. there is just something about two people who are truly in love.