Max and Lauren

have you ever met two people that are so in love it makes you giddy. these two were such a joy to photograph and i really hope you can see and feel that love through these images. love.

{fall}ing behind

see what i did there. this fall has be extremely busy, and i have loved every minute of it. i have never had so many shoots and be booked so far out. thank you all for choosing me to take pretty pictures of your sweet faces. with that being said, since i have been shooting every weekend… like 5 shoots every weekend. and editing…


what a beautiful night, and such a fun shoot. her smile sure is contagious. and then you add in a puppy, what a perfect combination. have a great rest of your senior year, sweet girl. 

one year.

i took her newborn photos one year ago. she was so tiny, look at her now, still tiny. this little lady has the sweetest personality; curious and smart. she was so fun to follow around and photograph. happy one year baby girl. 


at some point during our session, i am pretty sure this young lady told me she wasn’t photogenic. to which i respond, would ya just look at this sneak peek. holy smokes. thank you for being such a delight to shoot. and seriously come model for me anytime, girl. #stunning 


we could not have asked for a more perfect night. the lighting, the weather, the trees and these two. there is just something about two people who are truly in love. #swoon

Jed :: 3 months

here is the adorable baby Jed at his three month mini session.

Greil Family

i am the momma to two beautiful sweet little ladies. but man, let me tell you, working with boys is my favorite. the energy, the spunky and the fun. these two boys are always so sweet, and light up my night. and it is just a bonus that they have a pretty awesome mommy. thanks guys for letting me take your pictures, again, and…


welcome to the world sweet baby girl. it was such a pleasure meeting you and your awesome big brother. but seriously guys, how precious is this family? daddy and mommy just beamed. let me come to your house. i play legos, swing in hammocks, and read fun books. AND i capture you in your element, and your children doing what they love. you have…

Drake family.

you guys, they brought puppies {puppies is the term i use for all dogs}. animals are absolutely family members and are always more than welcome to attend family sessions.  this family was super fun to work with, even if not everyone was as excited about pictures are mom was. i can not stress enough how important family pictures are to me. thanks for taking…