wow. it has been soooooo very long since i have added a post to my website. it started out as just falling behind, but the further behind i fell, the harder it seemed to pick back up and market myself. but gosh darn it my goal is to get back into it and share some very beautiful faces yet again. over the last few years i have had the pleasure of shooting so many amazing people and have been able to capture some wonderful moments.

i have also returned to my “day job” after a few year hiatus to have all the babies. i am a substance abuse counselor and that alone with photography and family is one of my greatest passions. i truly love who i am as a counselor and love to help people when they feel helpless. i feel as though i have hit a good counseling groove again.

i don’t know about you, but i have also lived through a pandemic and am really finding joy in climbing out of that dark hole. my family has been and always will be a huge priority for me. one of my goals that came out of the last two years was making sure my family was always first. so that may look like setting down my phone as much as possible and a delay in responses.

as far as my photography, which is probably why you are here… i have big goals for this year. my weddings for 2022 booked up faster than ever before. i have already had some amazing opportunities this year that have warmed my heart and i can’t wait for what is to come.

join me on this ride. ❤

j family

lifestyle sessions are all the rage.

after driving through a blizzard i arrived in this warm home and was greeted with the most beautiful smiles and sooo many sweet giggles.

it is always a pleasure to photograph this adorable little family. _MOH0865_MOH0880_MOH0914_MOH1072_MOH1268_MOH1377_MOH1430_MOH1570_MOH1802_MOH1858

little j

i have been photographing this sweet babe for years. and now he is four. we had a blast running through the library basement. feeding lions, climbing mountains, and hiding in the jungle. he is seriously so fun.

also look at the sweet mirrored windows we found. {four j’s at four years old}

i always enjoy our time together, i hope you enjoy the photos. _MOH9200_MOH9234_MOH9242_MOH9298_MOH9304_MOH9333_MOH9343_MOH9376


nothing like taking photos in negative degree weather.

these two and their adorable pup where so amazing. they embraced the cold, possibly lost fingers, but still looked amazing. they smiled, laughed and played the whole time we were outside. totally worth it. look at how beautiful they are.

i can not stress this enough. bring your puppies to your photoshoot! always.



i am really digging the downtown setting lately.

seriously how cute are these two. there is something about the coy smiles and side eye glances that couples give each other. #swoon

there were so many sweet moments between these two and their love for one another was so clear.

such a fun shoot with an even more fun couple. it was an amazing start to 2019. thank you for choosing me to join you on this journey.


Taking care of business

i am back from maternity leave and ready to rock. but first a few orders of business…

* i plan to still have a modified schedule this winter, as i am nursing and still need to stay close to the babe.

* i am completely booked for the 2019 wedding session. {what?!}

* i will start booking for the 2020 season in March. {i need some time to get my calendar situated}

* i am not doing newborn photos for the foreseeable future, i don’t currently have a studio… and i am ready to shift my business in a bit of a different direction. with that being said, I am still offering fresh 48 sessions and lifestyle sessions which could be used instead. {head over to my pricing page for more info}.

* just because i can… here’s the newest babe.

baby h

it has been hot here… and if it isn’t hot, it’s raining. on the day of this shoot there was about three hours of neither; we were met with mild temperatures and beautiful overcast skies as the storm rolled in. it was a photography goldmine. not to mention the beautiful faces i was asked to capture that day.

happy six months sweet baby h.