wow. it has been soooooo very long since i have added a post to my website. it started out as just falling behind, but the further behind i fell, the harder it seemed to pick back up and market myself. but gosh darn it my goal is to get back into it and share some very beautiful faces yet again. over the last few years i have had the pleasure of shooting so many amazing people and have been able to capture some wonderful moments.

i have also returned to my “day job” after a few year hiatus to have all the babies. i am a substance abuse counselor and that alone with photography and family is one of my greatest passions. i truly love who i am as a counselor and love to help people when they feel helpless. i feel as though i have hit a good counseling groove again.

i don’t know about you, but i have also lived through a pandemic and am really finding joy in climbing out of that dark hole. my family has been and always will be a huge priority for me. one of my goals that came out of the last two years was making sure my family was always first. so that may look like setting down my phone as much as possible and a delay in responses.

as far as my photography, which is probably why you are here… i have big goals for this year. my weddings for 2022 booked up faster than ever before. i have already had some amazing opportunities this year that have warmed my heart and i can’t wait for what is to come.

join me on this ride. ❤

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