winter weddings.

early this year i shot two weddings both with temperatures below freezing. what an added challenge, not being able to spend hours outside. both weddings were absolutely breathtaking and such a blast.

not to mention that both of these weddings were for people who work day in and day out to better our community. including; a school counselor, a corrections officer, a probation agent, and a man who has served our country in the military. i have nothing but respect for these four and their dedication to helping people.



brrr it was cold, but what a fun crew. a beautiful and sweet ceremony, followed by a fun reception, ending with a great surprise for all the guests in attendance! ❤




a night at the timber rattlers stadium, full of so many sweet memories and laughs. this group kept me on my toes, but were such a blast. thanks you two for personally keeping me safe over the years, you sure are a wonderful couple. ❤


also little shout out to my ladies, i have two amazing second shooters that are crucial to my wedding days.


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