our hearts are ready. 

almost four years ago, a near and dear friend asked my to take her family pictures. i had no idea what she was doing… but i said yes. i loved taking their photos {and i still do at least once a year}. 

a little back story, about a year before this, we had lost our first baby. and since i was young i have wanted to adopt, my dear husband has known this since before we began dating. we had always said, we would have two and adopt our third. well trying to conceive our second was much harder than planned. feeling called to adopt at this point in our lives was a hard pill to swallow… we needed to have two first. after much prayer and continued feelings of peace. we dove in. while knee deep in the beginning processes of adoption, we suffered another miscarriage as well as an ectopic pregnancy, landing me in emergency surgery. i was so angry. we were doing what God asked and were being hit with one road block and than another. we threw ourselves into the adoption process and about a year and a half later, we got the call. a sweet baby boy was due in a month. 

photography was and still is a way for us to raise the funds needed to cover the {sometimes} overwhelming adoption costs. 

without getting into that long and hard story. fifteen months later, our little man left our home and our lives. our adoption had failed. we were so broken, more broken than we have ever been.  we leaned on each other and so many amazing supports. we cuddled our sweet girls in close and grieved the loss of our son. the healing process has been rough. 

but our hearts are ready. our home is ready. 
::if you or anyone you know is thinking about adoption:: feel free to pass along our info. 

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